ghio type nymserver

nym addresses: config@nymph.paranoici.org - send@nymph.paranoici.org

to obtain key mail remailer-key@nymph.paranoici.org

to obtain help file mail help@nymph.paranoici.org

Howto use a nym (italian language)

zax type nymserver

nym addresses: config@nymphet.paranoici.org - send@nymphet.paranoici.org

nymserver key

General instructions for zax type nym

aam2mail Find personal messages on alt.anonymous.messages (linux)

AAM Hsub Find personal messages on alt.anonymous.messages (windows)

Instructions for windows OS

general links

to contact admin mail remailer-admin@remailer.paranoici.org

QuicksilverLite - nym/remailer client for windows/linux (support both ghio and zax type)