Remailer Reliability Stats [paranoia]

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Available Stats:
Cypherpunk (Type I) Mixmaster (Type II) Combined
v1 (rsa) (dsa) (cleartext) v1 V2
v2 (rsa) (dsa) (cleartext) v2

Cypherpunk Remailers (RSA only)

This is an automatically generated list of remailer reliability statistics. Please see the Legend below for interpretative data.

$remailer{"dizum"} = "<> cpunk max mix pgp pgponly repgp remix latent hash cut test ek ekx esub inflt50 rhop5 reord post klen64";
$remailer{"kroken"} = "<> cpunk max mix middle pgp pgponly repgp remix latent hash cut test ekx inflt50 rhop5 reord klen1024";
$remailer{"redjohn"} = "<> cpunk max mix middle pgp repgp remix esub hsub latent hash cut test ek ekx inflt50 rhop5 reord post klen1024";
$remailer{"senshi"} = "<> cpunk middle pgp latent ek ekx esub cut hash repgp reord ext max test inflt10 rhop2 klen200";

Groups of remailers sharing a machine or operator:
(cripto paranoia)
(banana hsub slow)
(smelly ringo neutron)
(oklahoma isis)
(alpha beta ringo)

Broken type-I remailer chains:
(* senshi)
(austria *)
(dizum anon)
(dizum austria)
(dizum hsub)
(freierede brabus)
(freierede holland)
(freierede lambton)
(freierede lisbeth)
(freierede redjohn)
(frell brabus)
(frell holland)
(frell kroken)
(frell lambton)
(frell lisbeth)
(kroken *)
(paranoia *)

Broken type-II remailer chains:
(* anon)
(* austria)
(* banana)
(* brabus)
(* congeries)
(* devurandom)
(* dizum)
(* freierede)
(* frell)
(* frell2)
(* holland)
(* kroken)
(* lambton)
(* lisbeth)
(* lulunga)
(* paranoia)
(* redjohn)
(* roance)
(* slow)
(anon *)
(austria *)
(banana *)
(brabus *)
(congeries *)
(devurandom *)
(dizum *)
(freierede *)
(frell *)
(frell2 *)
(holland *)
(kroken *)
(lambton *)
(lisbeth *)
(lulunga *)
(paranoia *)
(redjohn *)
(roance *)
(slow *)

Last update: Wed 26 Jul 2017 12:35:01 GMT
remailer  email address                        history  latency  uptime
dizum               ***+********    31:00 100.00%
redjohn             ************     9:00 100.00%
senshi            ++++++++++++  3:13:00  84.28%
kroken        ++++++++++++  1:58:00  68.44%


History: The result of test messages sent in the last 12 days.

?No test message sent
(space)Response not received
#Response in less than 5 minutes
*Response in less than 1 hour
+Response in less than 4 hours
-Response in less than 24 hours
.Response in less than 2 days
_Response in more than 2 days

Latency: The average response time of the remailer.

Uptime: The fraction of responses received from tests sent in the last 12 days.

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Last update: Wed Jul 26 12:35:01 2017.